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Welcome to all the Manga nuts like us. At Nuts.sg, we hope to provide Singapore Manga readers a platform to find out about the latest Manga trend and comics. Nuts.sg is a platform for Singapore Manga reader to interact, to read and to be read.

As all of you may know, the numbers of manga readers in Singapore are increasing and majority of them are youths. However, it is not surprising to see older readers who are already working or even retired!

Manga comics are categorized into several genres. The more common genres are shonen (which means young boy) and shojo (which means young girl). Manga belonging to these types are more well-liked by majority of readers due to the action plots and romance storylines. Manga that caters to more mature audience includes seinen (Young Man) and Josei (Young Lady). You can read up more about manga genres here.

This is how well-liked manga comics are. Of course the most important thing to a manga reader is the manga itself. If you are wondering where to get your hands on the latest manga volume, you can find a list of stores which sells manga in our website. Otherwise you can head on down to a local manga cafe to rent home or simply read there.

Alternatively, you can always get second hand manga from second hand bookstores or another manga fan! The easiest way to do that is to post your request in our forum. Any manga fans out there who are willing to trade or sell their manga are also welcomed to post in our forum.

Just to satisfy the curiosity of some of the manga fans out there, we have also included a brief history of the origins of manga. You can check it out here.

After reading your latest Comics, lead for our forum to exchange views and observe latest trend.

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